[xml2po] UnicodeDecodeError of trunk

I update gnome-doc-utils to r942,  and run:

python xml2po.py -e -o defguide5.pot defguide5-r6802.xml

Warning: image file 'figures/cover.png' not found.
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "xml2po.py", line 856, in ?
 File "xml2po.py", line 589, in doSerialize
   outtxt += doSerialize(child)
 File "xml2po.py", line 583, in doSerialize
   (starttag, content, endtag, translation) = processElementTag(node, repl, 1)
 File "xml2po.py", line 525, in processElementTag
   translation = translation.replace('<placeholder-%d/>' % (i), replacement)
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position
635: ordinal not in range(128)

The test xml file at:

I'm not have good python skill, thanks for some help.

Dongsheng Song

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