Testing yelp-spoon branch


For those interested / curious to try the new yelp-spoon generated TOC,
these are the instructions on trying it.

1. Grab the -pre1 version of the current Spoon package [1]
2. Install it into tmp using the command:
./configure --prefix=/tmp/spoon --enable-installed
make install

This will build the library in installed mode and convert all you're
existing omf's (in /usr/share/omf) into spoon meta-files (it won't break
you're current omf's though).

3. Check out the latest yelp-spoon branch:
svn co svn+ssh://<username>@svn.gnome.org/svn/yelp/branches/yelp-spoon
(fix as appropriate for you're username / annonymous)

4. in the yelp dir, configure using:
PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/tmp/spoon/lib/pkgconfig:/usr/lib/pkgconfig ./autogen.sh

5. cd into stylesheets and 'make install'

6. cd back and into data and 'make install'

7. cd into src/ and run 
make test-document

8. Test out the test-document using
XDG_DATA_DIRS=/tmp/spoon/share:/usr/share ./test-document -m toc

You can also try out different pages of the TOC.  Interesting ones are:
Info, Man (the info and man index pages), Man-man<num> (man page TOCs)
and infosect<num> (info page TOCs)

The TOC "pager" is using a bit of a perversion of the TOC and running 3
transforms to allow the main page to be displayed as soon as possible.
I've run it through valgrind and haven't found any memory leaks (in
yelp).  I've also tried pressing it and haven't found any problems, so
feel free to try it out.

In yelp-toc.c, look for the "#if 0" and change to "#if 1" to get a
complete dump of all the TOC pages (need to make a directory "out" in
the current directory) as html pages.

For those interested, the next step in this branch is to produce a
monster function to find the file-type and any other information needed
from a given uri / filename (of any type).

For those interested, the next steps in spoon are:
 * Fix the exposed bugs and memory leaks found using the new TOC
 * Add functions as necessary for the above work in yelp-spoon
 * Implement the final functionality to be backward compatible with

(If anyone wants to help out with either of these tasks, please let me


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