Re: running a program in anjuta2

> Some more complex issues:
> - A program may need to be installed before it can be run
> - A program may be able to be run without installing (a test program)
> - A library cannot be run at all, but can be tested via another
> Which brings us to "Run Configurations". Having a Run Configuration
> which contains information on what program to run, which parameters to
> pass to it, which environment variables need to be set etc. This needs
> to be part of gnome-build, so all backends use it.
> Where to store this information? This can either go in the "workspace"
> or in the project file. (session.xml or project.anjuta file). What do
> you think? The obvious way to store the info is in XML of course.
As a user of anjunta2 I would like to see a run dialog that gives a drop
down list of all the executable targets in the project along with a text
entry for adding parameters that are associated with the executable so
that it would not have to be retyped.  A checkbox could be added to
indicate the project must be installed before being executed. There
should also be a menu item along with a hot key for re-executing the 
last selected item in the run dialog.  This would be similar to how
"find next..." works.  Also in the project tree view a context menu to
run an executable when the target is selected would be nice.  Just my 2
cents.  Feel free to ignore me.


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