Re: [Anjuta-devel] Anjuta 1.x vs 2.x: RFC

On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 13:45, Jeroen Zwartepoorte wrote:
> Yeah, would be cool to have another editor available for anjuta2. I
> would be willing to write some bonobo code to make scintilla into a
> BonoboControl.

I've already written to Michele (Moleskin developer) who has managed to
compile Scintilla under GTK+ (and even make it work somewhat). Let's
wait to hear from him and then start from that codebase. Anyway, I'm
planning to fix as many usability issues as possible in the next week or
so before 1.0.0 (Anjuta 1) is released. I suggest we start on this next
week onwards (provided Michele gets back to us before that)

> > 5) Any new effort which is likely to be reusable by both projects should
> > be cross-posted to both MLs (gnome-devtools + anjuta-devel).
> > 6) Whatever final decision comes out of this discussion should be posted
> > to the Anjuta website, so that people know what's happenning.
> >
> > That's about it. Corrections, opinions, additions, discussion, flames
> > welcome as always ;-)
> Sounds all good. I'm not sure though whether the "develop for both 1.x &
> 2.x" i s technically possible/feasible (with the different IDE
> frameworks and all).

Well, the base libraries can be common - we already have a common
TagManager based symbol browser. There no reason why the current
autocompletion backend cannot be ported trivially as well (it's mostly
just GLIb which has hardly changed API wise). Things I think can be
reused are:

1) The GTK2 port of Scintilla. Once we have it working, we can make a
widget out of it and a Bonobo control, so that it can be used by ANjuta
1-G2, Anjuta2 and Moleskin.
2) The TagManager library - this is pure C/GLib and is being used in 1.x
for autocompletion, calltips, symbol browser, etc. Already available
seperately and people are interested in working on it to improve the
C/C++ browser and make it more complete, intelligent and robust in
3) The template library (see my original 'brain dump' mail). This is
supposed to be a library to help us create wizards for new projects
(.e.g GNOME2 application) , new source file sets (e.g. adding a widget),
code blocks, etc. We have a couple of people and will start work as soon
as 1.x is out of the door.
4) The parser.

We just have to be a bit careful and resist the temptation to couple the
code too tightly with either 1.x or 2.x.


> Jeroen

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