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On 23 Apr 2001, JP Rosevear wrote:

> On 19 Apr 2001 18:20:19 +0200, Owen Fraser-Green wrote
> > 
> > I'm also very interested in the work done on the GNU Program Analysis 
> > Framework. Is the project still active? I noticed there hasn't been much 
> > activity for a few months. It strikes me that this would form an excellent 
> > basis for editors (syntax highlighting and tab completion), code wizards, 
> > class diagrams etc. etc. Also, I came accross a paper on XML-based exchange 
> > in Harmonia (see
> > pubs.html). If gpf used something like this wouldn't this give the ability 
> > to parse different languages and environments through the use of new XML 
> > descriptors?
> Well the harmonia project is actually what the original GPF author was
> working from.  The original author is at jamess1 wwnet com if you want
> to discuss things with him.  It would be great if you picked up this
> project, it was originally intended to do basically the things you
> detailed above.

Yes, that is correct. I think I might pick up the project soon again,
once I get my net connection back. To any interested people, please
contact me.

My reason for halting development was that I learned of planned release of
Harmonia for around Novemeber/December so I thought I would wait and see
what they did on many issues I hadn't resolved yet. Now a release for
Harmonia apears indefinite and I still wanted to have a gpf-like library
at hand so I think I will continue.

Also if any from the Harmonia project is listening, since your project is 
intended for open-source use, I think you could benefit from a more open
development process. You could continue to work on research, but also you
could see more applications of your framework, get bug fixes, and
feedback. There are many great ideas in your project and I would like to
see them put to use.


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