Re: [Gnome-devtools] What we're doing.

> > if you really want to know, i'm going through the process for our next
> > product...
> >
> > 1. vision statement - define the conceptual vision for the software.
> > usually accompanied by some system drawings and use cases (for how
> > people may use the system).
> >
> > 2. system specification - describe the capabilities of the system in
> > relation to users and other systems (external interfaces).
> >
> > 3. software requirements - describe specific requirements of the
> > software and the external interfaces. uses an object model for the
> > problem domain and use cases for more fine grained examples of system
> > use.
> We're really not working one these three.

yeah... i'm retracting my statement that they're essential to any
development effort, because they just aren't - although as i'm finding
at work, they _definitely_ don't hurt. i figure a good uml modeler will
allow other people to use any process they want. if they want to use a
process. maybe.

> > 4. design - after analyzing requirements to establish a particular
> > design. this should include an object model for the solution domain and
> > message trace diagrams for specific scenarios. also, lay out
> > classes/module attributes and methods, etc.. you're typical design
> > document.
> Whether we want to work on this is dubious IMHO. While UML <--> code
> generation may sound nice, I'm guessing it'll give you pretty icky
> code (as any generated code).

maybe... it depends how its done i think. since the design files are (or
will be) stored in xml, i think you can just apply a style sheet to
generate code. then you can make it look however you want.

> I'm missing implementation here, which is really the only part we're
> actually writing/integrating tools for at the moment. Kind of a big
> omission, isn't it? ;)

who needs implementation when you've got a great design ;)

> Some more links:
> for doing everything IDL does in UML
> and
> for the latest XMI spec

already there. i have a bit of reading to do before i really understand
what i want to implement. i think the uml spec tops out at - oh... 800

Andrew Sutton
asutton21 home com

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