Re: [Gnome-devtools] What we're doing.

Mark wrote:
> Andrew Sutton wrote:
> >
> > eh... dialog interaction. ugh... that wouldn't fly well. unless my
> > understanding is way off, configuration management is the term given to
> > the configuration of the development environment. it fits nicely under
> > the "project management" subheading. i think the capabilities i was
> > describing earlier would be perfectly managed as a menu option. that way
> > there's less interaction with the the process since users - especially
> > people just concerned with writing code - probably won't need to see
> > that stuff. however, it should be there for larger more managed
> > (structured?) projects.
> That sounds fine, as long as it's non-intrusive as a default.
> >
> > i'm not sure what the document parsing stuff is?
> Parsing is part of compiler theory, it quite a big subject, so I won't
> describe it detail here. Basically it allows you look a program in terms
> of it's high-level structure rather than just a character stream. For
> example, in C the top level structure would be functions, and
> declarations. Inside the functions would be a statement list, and inside
> the statements are expresions and so on... This would all be represented
> in a tree structure.

oh. that parsing... i guess i was thinking about parsing other document
types (xml). that makes sense :)

> That should have a lot of uses, I think the first area I would look at
> once gpf is working is reading GObject class heirarhcies into UML. I
> think this would really help new developers coming into a project in
> understanding the structure, and also help in writing new classes (i.e.
> going from UML -> code). Of course this is very far away, I must stop
> writing e-mails and get back to work on this project. :) Volunteers are
> welcome. ;)

that's what i'm talking about! that's good stuff. do we need to work out
a uml component? i don't think dia really has the capabilities for real
design level stuff.i was under the impression that it was just a
drawing tool. i think it would be really cool to have a uml modeler so
that you can click on an object and go to the code - now that would be a
nice code browser :) in addition to the other stuff...

the mapping of c, c++ to uml can be quite powerful, but i don't know if
you'd want to use source as a persisting method for uml. it would
probably be a good idea to save uml specific data to another file (xml).
this makes syncronization a little harder, but it allows for alot more
flexibility for language bindings - use a style sheet to generate code?

i might know somebody who would be willing to design the data model for
such a component. i think i even might be able to find a couple people
to work on it :)

Andrew Sutton
asutton21 home com

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