Linux Plumbers Conference: Call for Tracks

		    Linux Plumbers Conference 2010
			    Call for Tracks

This year, Linux Plumbers Conference will take place in Cambridge, MA
on November 3-5, 2010.  Unlike more traditional conferences, the
Plumbers conference is not structured around presentations of
completed work, or problems and solutions confined to a single
subsystem or layer of the Linux ecosystem.  Rather the Plumbers
Conference encourages BOFs type meetings and brainstorming sessions
where technical experts from different areas and leaders in the Linux
and Open Source world can get together and discuss how to make
progress towards the solution of interdisciplinary multifaceted
problems spanning multiple components of the Linux system.  In some
sense, the Plumbers Conference is really more of a workshop.

The program committee for the Linux Plumbers Conference is looking for
proposals for the "tracks" that will be run during the Plumbers

To do that, we are looking for "problem statements": things that could
be improved in Linux that cross multiple interfaces or other project
boundaries (if you can solve it yourself inside a single project,
please, don't let us stop you --- get hacking!).  We are looking for
problems that require collaboration and face-to-face communication
across multiple teams and open source projects.  These problems could
apply to anywhere Linux is used: Linux on the Desktop, Linux on Mobile
devices, Linux on servers, etc.

For example, if in order to get better performance, we need to get
better information about low-level devices from the kernel, and that
needs to be utilized by file system utilities, and the user needs to
be able to involved by exposing options at the UI level in control
panels and distribution installers --- the Plumbers conference might
be a great place to get everyone in the same room for half a day to
solve this particular problem.

Along with your problem statements or track ideas, please list the
projects which and/or key individuals who ideally should be present,
and who might be a good person or persons to run such a conference

If you have any thoughts or contributions, you can either

   * discuss them on this Linux Weekly News page:
   * add the proposed topic to the Topics wiki page:
   * send e-mail to: lpc-planning linuxplumbersconf org

Many thanks for helping to make Linux an even better platform!

	    		   	The 2010 LPC Committee

Note: The event will be co-located with the Linux Kernel Summit which
will be held earlier that week.

Please feel free to forward this announcements to any communities or
mailing lists where you think it would be appropriate.

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