RE: No icon on the gnome desktop using geode driver


	Your suggestion is correct.
	Another guy in Xorg-devel mail loop has helped me fix this issue. He put the non A4/A8 HW acceleration in lx_check_composite() instead of lx_prepare_composite().
	I'll write a gtk+ program to trace the bug findings process.


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Hi Huang,

On Fri, 2010-04-09 at 14:51 +0800, Huang, FrankR wrote:
>             Right now, we are debugging the geode driver. In three
> BTS, the big issue is the “no icon” bug on the desktop. 


>             Another example is the eog program under gnome. The button
> icon can not be displayed in the program. It is quite similar with our
> bug. But this program is written in GTK, no Xlib.

	You want to isolate a simple test case from eog's icon rendering ? if
so - you need to do some code reading. Personally I would follow these

	* first - create a minimal gtk+ app to render a button
	  with an icon - I would do that by running 'gtk-demo' which
	  has source for you to steal.

	* then include <gdkx.h> and start cut/paste/in-lining the
	  relevant code from gtk+/gdk/x11/ that does the image

	Quite possibly the problem is related to Xrender support; which we use
for rendering icons, primarily because this off-loads the alpha blending
into the Xserver (and theoretically hardware), and saves round-trips. I
would suspect XRenderCreatePicture / XRenderComposite myself.



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