An idea to write a mass copying tool(Copy Container)

Hi all,
       We are a group of students planning to write a mass copying and organizing tool for GNOME.
Necessity  : Suppose we want to organize our hard-disk by grouping files or folders spread   throughout the hard disk into a single location..say a folder or a drive ,currently we have to copy or cut each and every file and paste it into desired location everytime we do such an operation which is time consuming and not desirable many a times... Idea of our software project  is to keep track of all the files and folders to be copied and perform a single copy or cut operation to achieve the desired outcome.
Description: The idea is to write a program that adds an entry into Nautilus right click menu(lets name the entry as container) This container entry will again have a submenu. There will be four options in the submenu namely Add to Container, Copy-Paste the Container(Contents), Cut-Paste the Container(Contents) and Delete the Container. Whenever the user right clicks on a file the submenu will have only the Add to Container option Enabled, So he can add that file to the container. Whenever the user right clicks a directory - Add to Container, Copy-Paste the Container, Cut-Paste the Container options will be enabled. So one can Add the directory itself to the container or Copy or Move the contents    of the previous Container to this directory. Whenever someone right clicks elsewhere then the Delete Container option will be enabled. Since in the first stage we are planning to implement only a single container, a person may want to create a new container and discard the old container. So this Delete Container Option will be provided. However when someone performs Copy-Paste or Cut-Paste the container automatically gets deleted.
    As of now this is the plan to be implemented in stage 1. In the later stages or versions we would like to Add other features as the community requests. Also we would love to add a GUI to better support the container operations and multiple containers handling facilities. These type of tools are already available on Windows platform and we would love to give it to GNOME and hence to Open Source Community too since many of them feel such tools are required for better organization and management of their large hard disks.
   We request the GNOME Community to Review this idea, and give its invaluable Suggestions, so we can make this idea a reality on GNOME too. Also we request the GNOME Community to support this project.

- Thanks and Regards

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