Re: [maybe-OT] GNOME/FC3 on 64-bit Athlon 64

This is EXACTLY what I have been experiencing.  A gig of RAM and a gig
of swap is simply *not enough* to run 5 user sessions simultaneously on
our terminal server.

I can understand 2x memory usage inflation, but 4x?

> > Compiling for 64bit means doubling the size of all pointers. This is
> > likely to use a lot more memory. You might want to try running a 32bit
> > binary of the applications to see if this explains the memory use
> > difference.
> I just made a test on two machines running gentoo linux. One is a
> Pentium4 and the other an Amd64. On the Pentium4, nautilus uses 30,9 MB
> and on the AMD64 112,7 MB which is more near four times the memory used
> with the Pentium4 than 2.
> The same is true for other apps:
> 			Pentium4	Amd64
> gnome-system-monitor	21.5 MB		112.0 MB
> gnome-session		17.1 MB		85.7 MB
> and so on...
> Best regards,
> Jean
Manuel Amador <rudd-o amautacorp com>

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