[maybe-OT] GNOME/FC3 on 64-bit Athlon 64

Hi everyone,

Well, it's been a long time since I've posted anything to these lists.
Excuse me for the cross-posting, please.

Has anyone noticed the memory usage of GNOME applications under 64-bit
Athlon 64?  I'm using Fedora Core 3, and I am seeing 260MB VIRT and 70MB
RSS memory footprints on e.g. Evo and Nautilus.

To tell you the truth, all apps appear to be using A LOT of RAM.  This
is a terminal server where 5 people have open sessions (three through
VNC, one on a dedicated terminal, and one on the console), and at 1GB of
RAM, it is too slow.

At random times during the day, the system thrashes horribly for like a
minute, with the consequence that almost no one can do productive work
during that interval.  All of the GB of RAM is used up, and the swap
file marks half a gig of usage.

Malicious compromise is out of the question here.

What could it be?  I'm writing in the hopes that someone has experienced
this and maybe found a solution.  Thanks in advance!
Manuel Amador <rudd-o amautacorp com>

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