Re: keyboard is *DEAD* after upgrade to GNOME 2.9.4

Hello Tomas

Since this is mostly my problem - we can discuss it in bugzilla, if
you open a bug - or we could use direct mail. First of all, when you
upgrade to 2.9.4 - I'd ask you to check whether the problem disappears
when you kill gnome-settings-daemon - or not. Also, I wonder, is there
any surge in the CPU usage or something similar?

I'd really appreciate if you open a bug with all the details you can
provide. Thanks.



> Something realy bad happen to me today :>
> After upgrade to all latest GNOME 2.9.4 paskages run gnome-session causes
> keyboard is *completly dead*.
> It *must be* something GNOME 2.9.4 related because if I'm:
> 1) run xinit: keyboard is correct,
> 2) inside unframed xterm window runing "metacity &" -> keyboard sill is
>     functional,
> 3) run additionaly "gnome-pannel &" -> keyboard sill is functional,
> 4) killing X sesion and again run "xinit" and inside unframed xterm window
>     run "gnome-session &" causes keyboard is dead,

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