Broken components orientation

Hi gnome-devel-list, gnome-libs-devel, evolution-hackers

I have found out that not only the toolbar widget have a broken
component orientation with Hebrew locale (export LANG=he_IL) in GNOME
applications (Evolution, GnuCash, Gedit).

The orientation of the Calendar and Tab Windows (Pages) is also broken.

The calendar should display the numbers from right-to-left if Hebrew
locale is set. 
In pure GTK+ application the calendar looks fine: the numbers are
displayed from right to left. (The example of the Calendar application
can be found in gtk+-2.2.0.tar.gz -->gtk+-2.2.0/examples/calendar)

The Tab Windows (Pages) widget should also have right-to-left
orientation if Hebrew locale is set.

Can someone point me to the exact place(s) in gnome-libs or in gnome
widgets or in libbonoboui source code where the roots of the listed
above problem can be found. Or at least where to look.

Thanks in advance
Best Regards
Oleg Reebakov

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