Modifications at the GNOME main menu

Hello there!

I'm working in modifications in the GNOME main menu, reorganizing it, adding and removing some features. Currently I'm working into the 'redhat-menus' package, since I'm using Fedora Linux, simply making modifications for tests. But I got no results.

For example, I removed the 'Accessories' section from 'applications-submenu.m4' file, recompiled the package and re-installed the package, and got no results. The 'Accessories' menu section remains there. Any other modification get no results. Am I working at the correct package and files?

Thanks in advance!

Adriano Del Vigna de Almeida
Free Software

Brasília - Curitiba - Rio de Janeiro - São Paulo
Email: katmandu fs inf br
ICQ#: 14898488

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