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On 2004-02-11(Wed) 00:56:58 +0100, Bruno Coudoin wrote:
> > Extracting the "character set" for the current locale is possible (see,
> > for example,,
> > but this is too broad. My current encoding is en_AU.UTF-8, so any UTF-8
> > character is in my locale's character set. However I do not use Kanji
> > characters very often in day-to-day work, for example.
> > 
> Your lucky, this question arised especialy for the Kanji charset ;)

In my copy of Chinese Windows 2000, there's such a game, where Chinese
characters are falling off, and people need to use their favorite input
method to type characters. Once a character is correctly typed, it will
be bounced away. However, it's just a very small subset of all Chinese
characters (I guess no more than 300 for the easier levels).

Not sure if similar game exists in Japanese or Korean version of Windows.


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