Re: charset generation

Le mer 11/02/2004 à 00:24, Malcolm Tredinnick a écrit :
> On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 10:12, Bruno Coudoin wrote:
> > In gcompris, we have an activity where the kid just hit the falling
> > letters. 
> > As of today, only ASCII is supported.
> > 
> > We would like to display a char from the charset of the current locale.
> > Is it possible to get it or we need to hardcode a list of unicode char
> > for each locale ?
> At the risk of playing semantic games, I just want to check you are
> asking the question I think you are here: you really want to display a
> character from the set that is commonly used in the current locale,
> right?
Yes, that's it.

> Extracting the "character set" for the current locale is possible (see,
> for example,,
> but this is too broad. My current encoding is en_AU.UTF-8, so any UTF-8
> character is in my locale's character set. However I do not use Kanji
> characters very often in day-to-day work, for example.
Your lucky, this question arised especialy for the Kanji charset ;)


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