Re: charset generation

On Wed, 2004-02-11 at 10:12, Bruno Coudoin wrote:
> In gcompris, we have an activity where the kid just hit the falling
> letters. 
> As of today, only ASCII is supported.
> We would like to display a char from the charset of the current locale.
> Is it possible to get it or we need to hardcode a list of unicode char
> for each locale ?

At the risk of playing semantic games, I just want to check you are
asking the question I think you are here: you really want to display a
character from the set that is commonly used in the current locale,

Extracting the "character set" for the current locale is possible (see,
for example,,
but this is too broad. My current encoding is en_AU.UTF-8, so any UTF-8
character is in my locale's character set. However I do not use Kanji
characters very often in day-to-day work, for example.

My understanding of this situation is that your question is quite hard.
But there may be some tricky way using one of the lists provided by the
Unicode consortium. I'll have a think about it (and hope that somebody
else pipes up with an answer first).


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