Re: [gtkmm] problems while buiding libgnomecanvasmm for windows using cygwin env

At 11:16 AM 6/27/2003 -0700, Sagar Shah wrote:
Hi all,

again i am to mailing list my problems.

i trying to built libgnomecanvasmm on windows using cygwin env.

i have installed the windows binaries from

by these all the dependencies have be installed for libgnomecanvasmm

my cgwin is installed at D:\Sagar\Cygwin and mingw at C:\Mingw

and Mingw path is set before Cygwin in /etc/profile and windows path.

my configuaration options are
./configure --build=mingw32 CC=mingw32-gcc CXX=mingw32-g++

Let me repeat it again : you should not mix the native windows (msvcrt) and cygwin runtimes !!! provides DLLs for the cygwin platform only, while my gtkmm binaries (and the corresponding gtk+ DLLs available at are for the msvcrt runtime. Don't use the mingw compiler with the cygwin binaries.

Also, the mingw32 compiler is not aware of your cygwin mounting points (like /usr pointing to D:\Sagar\Cygwin\usr). This explains why the gtk/gtk.h header cannot be found even though /usr/include/gtk-2.0/include is in the search path.

So please try again but this time with gcc provided by the cygwin distribution (don't add the mingw directory to your path) and get rid of these --build=mingw32 CC=mingw32-gcc CXX=mingw32-g++ configure options. The cygwin platform will be detected automatically.

Mixing the native windows (msvcrt) and cygwin runtimes is a common mistake among developers. I usually recommend to use the cygwin shell with cygwin-gcc only, and to rely on msys for mingw32-gcc.


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