Re: problems while buiding libgnomecanvasmm for windows using cygwin env

On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 04:16, Sagar Shah wrote:
> Hi all,
> again i am to mailing list my problems.
> i trying to built libgnomecanvasmm on windows using cygwin env.
> i have installed the windows binaries from 
> by these all the dependencies have be installed for libgnomecanvasmm 

I have aboslutely no idea about building stuff on Windows, but do the
binaries really include all of the header files and everything? On Linux
systems, for example, there is often one package including the library
and/or application binaries and a separate package including any header
files that you need to install if you are going to build with the

The error messages you are seeing strongly suggest that the header files
are completely missing. For example, does /usr/include/gtk-2.0 contain a
file called gtk/gtk.h?

This may be of no use at all, but you seem to be persisting in trying to
build this, so maybe it will help.


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