Re: Promoting greater integration between developers/writers/I18N:)

Christian Rose wrote:
> The word list maintainers already take a great deal of effort to make
> sure the recommended terminology is understandable by a wide audience.
> So there should hardly be any question of what terminology to use as
> long as it's listed in the word list. If it's not, the word list
> maintainers take suggestions, I've heard. :-)

I'm always happy to take suggestions for new terms and to assist in
developing new terms. Also, if people find that the current term
definitions do not meet their requirements, I'd be glad to hear about it
and modify the term if necessary.


> If there is a general disagreement from translators/UI reviewers/doc
> writers, then perhaps it's because not enough people know about the word
> list, and as a consequence try to develop their own recommendations and
> suggestions. I don't know how to solve that. Perhaps making the word
> list available seperately from the GDSG would make it easier to find and
> use. Perhaps also an easily searchable database solution would help in
> quickly finding the relevant recommendations related to a specific
> issue, much like a real online dictionary. I sometimes find it tedious
> myself to have to search several different pages of text to just find
> the recommendations for folder/directory, for example. That's just wild
> ideas, however...

One of the problems with the GDSG and Wordlist is that at present, it is
not being updated on the website. The version in CVS is 1.2, the version
on the website is 1.0. If anyone can help us with this, please let us
know. It has been like this for a few months now. It is affecting the
HIG also. Calum posted some information on it: 

I have recently added index tags for each term in the Wordlist, so when
the GDSG is updated on the website, the problem with finding terms will
be fixed. 


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