Re: Promoting greater integration between developers/writers/I18N:)

Mark McLoughlin wrote:


>         One problem I have as a maintainer is who should I take as having the
> final word on such things e.g. if some piece of terminology is changed
> in a UI review, a translator suggests that some other terminology is
> better and then a writer comes along with a different suggestion. In
> that case, I don't want to have decide myself - I'd like to be able to
> cc a single person or alias and say "You guys decide". Who should I cc ?

In this case, I would say that the translator needs to suggest a change
to the Recommended Terminology/Wordlist in the GDSG, if they do not
think that the current term is correct. That way, hopefully, we could
avoid the problem recurring.


>         I'm also not sure how to work it so that hackers would get messages
> reviewed ... I don't think developers typically put, or even want to
> put, too much thought into the error/warning messages they are writing.
> Its usually a diversion from the task at hand e.g. if you are hacking on
> some feature, you don't want to spend much time on error conditions ...
> I'm not saying that is ideal, I'm just being realistic about it :-)

Personally, I wouldn't expect developers to be very familiar with the
"Writing for L10n" rules - but it would be great if developers could
make it easier for writers to review the warning/error messages. I don't
know what is the best way to achieve this - perhaps store all the
messages in one file? Alternatively, the developer could mail a list of
the messages to the writers for their input.

> Good Luck,
> Mark.
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