redhat linux-7.2 installations on primary slave(/dev/hdb)

Hi All
I am having redhat linux installation problem.
I have two harddisks. I had made one as primary slave
have win2k on that it works fine.
The second hard disk is primary slave , set the boot
hdd as primary slave in the bios and installed redhat
linux 7.2 on this harddisk.The total size of the hdd
is 10GB
partitions are
/boot 47M
swap 356M
Rest is /
Now when I am trying to boot this  primard
slave(/dev/hdb) hdd it just gives
L and doesn't come up. Can somebody please help me out
for this problem.
When once I had used it as primary master and
installed linux it worked that is how i know
that hard disks sectors doesn't have any problem.
Thanks & Rgds

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