RE: Java and Bonobo communication via CORBA

Hi Patrick,

On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 01:48, Patrick Gerzanics wrote:
> Thank you for the pointers.  From what you've told me I've been able to
> implement a CORBA interface to the Bonobo Activation Context object.  I am
> able to list all of the different servers available via the directories()

	Uh ? the ActivationContext IDL is totally private - that's an internal
implementation detail - and since the interface is not only private but
also horribly sucky  - I'm hoping it will break sooner rather than later
;-) Also; I think JavaORB doesn't like CORBA_Context stuff so much.

> I've been browsing the bonobo-activation code for a while now trying to find
> the answer but I haven't been able to as of yet... any help would be much
> appreciated!

	Ok - so the trick is to know what component you want to activate I
think; fork the activation-client and get it to activate what you want;
then talk directly to that. What are you trying to do in fact ?



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