libghttp-1.0.9 issue

Hi All
I am using libghttp-1.0.9 as a http client fot http
streaming. When I am using this in the internet where
sometimes the http server is far away and the network
congession is too much then I got very bad audio
quality. It breaks again and again in between and
sounds very weired.

So I want to get the stream data in very big buffer
chunks so that the whole chunk I can pass to the
player and we should be ableto hear atleast  2 seconds
or 3 seconds continuous audio.

I want to know that is there any field in the request
buffer or somewhere where I can specify the size of
the data to be retrieved from the server. I want to
get the audio data in large buffer chunks.

I hope I have put my query clearly. If any further
clarifications are required please let me know.
Thanks in advance


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