Issue regarding GNOME CANVAS Libraries on Windows

I have made gtkmm applications (projects), that are working fine
over Linux 7.x os, the applications include the support of gnome
libraries (libgnome, libart, etc), gtkmm and gtk libraries.
Well  I wanted to have the same applications to be working  over
Microsoft Windows 9x,NT,2000. For these I have installed Dev-Cpp IDE,
gtk-2.0 and gtkmm-2.0.
The applications that include GTK and GTKMM libraries are working fine
over Windows, but the problems comes when applications of GNOME CANVAS
is tried to built over Windows, since I dont have support of GNOME
libraries in windows..
we have searched the libraries over the net, but a html page
<>  ,stating that
no support is available of GNOME for Windows, made my efforts in vain .
If u could guide me, in what way I could get GNOME libraries, for having GNOME
CANVAS applications working over Microsoft Windows, I would be very
much greatful to u.
Thanx in advance.
Kind Regards,

Sagar Shah

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