RE: Issue regarding GNOME CANVAS Libraries on Windows

> From: Sagar Shah [mailto:sagars dpsl net] 

I have reduced the number of email addresses. Your cross-posting was

> the problems comes when applications of GNOME CANVAS
> is tried to built over Windows, since I dont have support of GNOME
> libraries in windows..
> we have searched the libraries over the net, but a html page
> <>  ,stating that
> no support is available of GNOME for Windows, made my efforts in vain .
> If u could guide me, in what way I could get GNOME libraries, for having
> CANVAS applications working over Microsoft Windows, I would be very
> much greatful to u.

I think you are saying that you can't build libgnomecanvas on Windows, or
find a binary for it. Have you tried building it? What problems have you
found. It's probably also worth saying what environment you are using - I
suspect cygwin and/or mingwin. The GTK+/Win32 mailing list might also be
useful to you - see the link on . 

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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