Re: gtkhtml2 vs. gtkhtml1

> developer A starts programming an application where he uses gtkhtml2
> because he assumes it's part of gnome 2.x. he starts developing the
> app for well. half a year. then one day the evolution developers
> decide to port it's code to gnome 2.x. the discussion of which html
> library to use comes up again. agreement will be made using gtkhtml1 now
> what do you think how the person (that investigated months into his
> project) will do ? guess would be: he either stays with gtkhtml2 or he ports his
app to gtkhtml1-port. Either way he should be happy. Since you would not
depend on a library that does not have needed features you do not depend
on any active development. So first choice is fine. Secondly since
software developing means carefully designing you program in addition to
just writing it, a port to gtkhmtl1-port should not be too hard. So
second choice is fine as well.


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