Re: This is a Troll!

mån 2002-09-16 klockan 03.16 skrev Sean Middleditch:

> I recall reading that since glib supports plugins, the file-dialog may
> be designed as one - people without gnome-libs would get a plainish file
> dialog, while those with gnome-libs could get a gnome-enhanced dialog,
> even on gtk-only apps.  Is this not going to be the case, then, or do we
> get this coolness?

The gnome-enhanced dialog might in particular contain mime-type icons, 
something that I suspect will never be implemented in gtk+.

The implementation could be selected from .gtkrc for example.

But could people agree on an API? Well, I think so if we use the
property stuff of GObject for optional features:

if (filesel->has_feature("glob-filter")) 
	g_object_set(filesel, "glob-filter", "*.xml");

Some standard optional features could be:

select-directory  - Only allow directories to be selected)
select-multiple - Allow multiple files to be selected
flat-directory-view - Like [win/g]cvs. Javacoders will like this
only-existing - Only allow selection of existing files

	- Jens

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