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It seems that the file dialog is the major contention issue in gnome...

I have seen several propositions but it stills stays the old one because
lack of agreement between people.

The solution would be to consider the File Dialog as a theme. Gnome on
loading loads the File Dialog Library which has a well known set of API.
So the File Dialog can be as simple as the GTK dialog or be very complex
(directory creation, shortcuts, integration with nautilus, ...) while
maintaining a simple interface to the application (return the filename
and directory selected, regex to filter files,...).

The best file dailogs would be able to compete between each others and
one will come out of the lot to be the official in a future gnome


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Ok, FWIW, I've been using Gnome/Gtk extensively for a couple of years
now, and have several projects on sourceforge.  Most significantly
a cad program at

There are lots of little nits that I could pick, but all-in-all it's
the best GUI toolkit I've ever used, and I've used quite a few.  I've
even written a couple.

Let me pick a couple of big nits, thought, that I would love to see
addressed in the not-to-distant future.  I'll even volunteer to do some
of this work if people want.

The file-chooser is a little clumsy.  Its look and feel could be
someowhat (e.g. icons for the "create dir", "delete file", etc.
Also, it's patterned after the Motif file chooser, which isn't that
a model.  The (I hate to say it) windoze model is more useable, I find.
I found from a programming and user standpoint that the file filtering
mechanism left a lot to be desired.

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