Owen Taylor wrote:

> Basically, the intl/ from gettext-0.36 is incompatible with
> There are basically three approaches here to fixing this.
>  - Use AM_GNU_GETTEXT; some of the breakage that inspired
>    AM_GTK_GETTEXT/AM_GNOME_GETTEXT has since been fixed.
>    However, we still want the policy "never build intl/" since
>    gtk/gnome-libs require a librarized gettext or nothing, and it
>    doesn't make sense for things that depend on them to build
>    with an included gettext.
>    So, this approach isn't really right. Plus the new AM_GNU_GETTEXT
>    refuses to link against anything but GNU libc gettext
>    or gettext-0.10.36.
>  - Fix AM_GNOME_GETTEXT to work with the new intl/. Shouldn't be that
>    hard.
>  - Convert to AM_GLIB_GETTEXT from GLib head which is much
>    more aggressive than AM_GNOME_GETTEXT and is meant
>    to be used without gettextize; no intl/ directory at all.

I think the last option would be much better. The intl/ directory is
just a pain, and I still don't see the point of it.

If we can just use AM_GLIB_GETTEXT in all apps and libraries that
would be excellent.


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