On 28 Apr 2001, Christian Marillat wrote:

> >>>> "ML" == Mathieu Lacage <mathieu gnu org> writes:
> ML> hi all,
> Hi,
> ML> anyone got an idea on how to fix the folowing error ?
> ML> gettext:  0.10.36
> ML> automake: 1.4
> ML> autoconf: 2.13 
> ML> xml-i18n-tools: 0.8.2 (cvs stable branch 2 days old)
> ML> make[2]: Entering directory `/stuff/sources/gnumeric/intl'
> ML> make[2]: *** no rule to build target `all-no- BUILD_INCLUDED_LIBINTL@',
> ML> needed for `all-no'. Stop
> ML> make[2]: Leaving directory `/stuff/sources/gnumeric/intl'
> ML> make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
> Apply this patch against gnome-libs or against
> /usr/share/aclocal/gnome/gnome-gettext.m4. This allow you to compile against
> gettext 0.10.36

Look at discuss at mc-list.

IMHO it will be good drop using macros/gnome-gettext.m4 and
AM_GNOME_GETTEXT aclocal macro. More than half gnome using projects uses
Only one from AM_GNOME_GETTEXT using projects (mc) uses some
gnome-gettext.m4 extensions (for generate proper files dependences) and in
other projects change to AM_GNU_GETTEXT do not will require any other
changes. All AM_GNOME_GETTEXT extensions IMHO it will be good back to
gettext instead keep AM_GNOME_GETTEXT.

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