Re: GNOME 2 compilation issues

Elliot Lee <sopwith redhat com> writes: 
> I have a real problem with the whole idea of pkg-config, and would prefer
> to leave it out of ORBit until pkg-config gets its inherent design
> problems fixed (such as the one you described, but also including ones
> that nobody could have fixed because I have only griped about their
> existence, not described their nature :).

Unless you are going to describe whatever the issues are here, we are
going to have to fork orbit for a very lame reason. 

(It's not like the .pc file affects any other aspect of orbit or
breaks orbit-config)

> Martin Baulig has a forked ORBit2 module that has some .pc stuff in it -
> if you have to use pkg-config, talk to him.

So let's get the forked version in CVS for people to use, Martin can
you create an ORBit-gnome2 module or something.


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