Re: GTK, wizards, KDE

> I made a suggestion/proposal (I think on the evolution list?, but I can't
> find it now) about this many months back.  Aside from a method of providing
> new programmers information to improve their skills, you might want to set
> up a reward/feedback system.

Wow.  So we are all thinking in the same direction here, good, good

> 1)  A to-do list that gives the following information
> a) What project it is for
> b) What the to-do consists of
> c) Skill set needed for the item
> d) Difficulty of the item
> e) Time frame that the item should be completed in
> f) 'Criticality' of the item to a projects survival/improvement/etc.
> g) where to learn the needed skills (i.e. links to a relevant Gnome hacking,
> and source code, etc.)
> h) the 'Importance' of the item to the individual posting it
> i) a 'Karma' rating based on c, d, e, f, and possibly h

I love this scheme.  I was writing something up about this (I just
have not had the time to finish it though).  But I think you are on
the right track.

You can look at a previous attempt at achieving this in 

This system needs to be updated probably and better maintained,
because it is lacking some essential love, but it might be worth
taking what is there and moving forward.

> Thus for instance, say I have a programming task that I would really like
> done, however my skills lie in documentation.  Then I could accomplish a
> number of documentation tasks, and take the karma earned from them, and
> assign them to the programming task that I desire.

This is one great and beautiful idea!  Are you coming by any chance to
GUADEC this week in Denmark?

If not, would you like to work with Chema and me towards making this
happen (and whoever else wants to join and coach/train/guide new hackers).

> Do you feel that this would be valuable?

Incredibly valuable.


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