Re: GTK, wizards, KDE

If you use Glade it will take you 5mn to code this wizard. Just design the

You will have then to create a simple function that pull a random tip from
a file and display it in a gtklabel when the realize event of the label is

Also to have way to toggle it on/off.

The difficult part is to put slick graphics...

BTW I'm surprised about the very low volume of e-mail on this list. It is
supposed to be gnome-devel and not many people are hanging out here. Is it
the reason why Gnome 2.0 is one year late? Not enough spin off to attract


> > Another thing related to KDE (I just recently used it
> > for the first time). I like that wizard who greets you
> > with tips at the door. I haven't really ever
> > contributed to the gnome developers. If I write
> > something like that with the GNOME libs can it go into
> > the project?
> We would love to have something like this, but I am not sure it goes
> into gnome-libs.  You can just write the code as a wizard, and we can
> work towards integrating this into the desktop.
> Miguel.
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