Re: GTK, wizards, KDE

On 28 Mar 2001 04:17:41 -0800, Jason Victor wrote:
> This may sound dumb, but I think that, usually, Qt
> interfaces look "slicker" than GTK/GNOME ones. And I'm
> worried about this because when a normal user starts
> Linux for the first time, he's just going to pick the
> slicker-looking interface.

We need to polish GNOME more, I agree with you.  We are trying to put
together a team of programmers that want to do small, but effective
improvements to GNOME.

(To achieve this, we want to "help" newcomers to GNOME  become
proficient programmers, so we will be helping them with their
programming questions, all of this will take place in the gnome-love
mailing list at, more details to follow when we get the whole
thing together).

But it is important to make a good quantitative analysis of features
that are present in both KDE, Windows XP and MacOS X, and evaluate them
in terms of: complexity to implement, benefit to the user.  Some very
simple improvements can be done with very little work, we just need to
identify those and do the work to make them happen.

> Another thing related to KDE (I just recently used it
> for the first time). I like that wizard who greets you
> with tips at the door. I haven't really ever
> contributed to the gnome developers. If I write
> something like that with the GNOME libs can it go into
> the project?

We would love to have something like this, but I am not sure it goes
into gnome-libs.  You can just write the code as a wizard, and we can
work towards integrating this into the desktop.

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