Several application installs are slightly broken...

    I'm (slowly) downloading gnome-1.4 RC1, and building the packages as I
download them. For each, I do a

rpm -tb --target=i686 package.tar.gz

and before this, if I have to apply a patch, I perform some

tar xzf package
cd package-dir
patch -p2<patchfile
make dist

and use the result as distribution package: I think this should be a pretty
common procedure, but many of the packages has problems... in some cases
stupid, in some other pretty serious. At the end I'll put a report of the
problems I've found.
    Is there a general place where to report those problems, or eventually
their solutions, without bothering you again (I guess it's a li'l bit OT)?
Should I "simply" take the addresses in AUTHORS and write them, or there is
a "centralized" place? I don't think they are 'bugs' in the common sense of
the term, because (apparently) they don't affect the program itself, and it
seems that the general attention is elsewhere...
    May I (or anyone else) report such probems, and eventually patches,
        Mano :)


* control-center and gnome-core 1.4.0: if I apply the patches to,
make dist doesn't work anymore - while the packages are still build-able

* xalf: the specfile looks for xalf-x.x.tgz, while the distributed package
is xalf-x.x.tar.gz

*libgtop - libglade: the revision number isn't substituted, so the resulting
RPM is some strange libglade-0.16-SNAP.i686.rpm instead of (say)

*libgtop: the @VERSION@ variable value is somehow set to 1.0.11-cvs instead
of 1.0.12, and this breaks the specfile, as there can't be "-" characters

*ORBit: there's another specfile in the popt/ directory, that makes RPM look
for a ghost file (popt-0.4.tar.gz); it's sufficient to delete this second
specfile (eventually also from, rerunning autoconf/make)

*gnome-applets: the generated RPM contains only the .gnorba files... and,
needless to say, it's totally useless

*imlib 1.9.9: the rpm building goes flawlessly, but if I try to install the
generated RPM's, I get complainings about lack of libgr-devel and
libgr-progs... I don't have it, right, it's my fault; but I think it should
check for them *before*

*xml-i18n-tools don't have a specfile... but I don't think they're supposed
to, after all...

*gnome-audio: compilation simply fails... sorry, I can't say more, I've
accidentally deleted the package... <:]...

I have an 'upgraded' RH 7 (glibc 2.2, latest gcc 2.96, RPM 4.02, glib/gtk+
1.2.10, gtk-pixbuf 0.10.1); maybe some of these errors are caused by my
    have a nice gnomish day! :))
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