ANNOUNCE: cromagnon 0.1 (finally!)

After an entire 1.5 years of procrastination in a tropical island, I
finally got around to rewriting the long defunct scheme based
cromagnon in C.

CroMagnon is a crontab manager for GNOME and can be downloaded from:

There is a screenshot at:

Mostly everything is working by now, though it's still missing a save
to crontab feature... but the save/load to alternate file is working
just fine.

Cromagnon won't try to parse pre-set crontab files, since there is
just too many options that can't be properly displayed on a GUI.
Consequently, cromagnon adds a little magic comment to it's entries,
and can only read/write it's own entries, though it respect
foreign entries and leaves them untouched.

This is a preliminary going on final release.  I want to get some
feedback to make the final touches and bug stomping out of the way and
then call it quits, seeing that there's just so much you can do for a
crontab configuration gui.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


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