guile gnome-terminal macros take 1

Hi guys.

Thanks to Miguel and Havoc's gnome-terminal patches I was able to come
up with a simple gtk module that allows one to extend the terminal
program with scheme functions.

My module is at:

First you need to apply havoc's patch to gnome-terminal.c (basically
adding scm_boot_guile() to main()).  I'm also including the patch in
my tarball if someone missed it.

Btw, you need guile-1.3 to compile it.

You need to copy ``gnome-terminal-script.scm'' into
``~/.gnome-terminal-script.scm''.  The module actually configs itself
with gnome_config_() in "/gnome/Terminal/Macros/Script File" which is
set by default to ~/.gnome-terminal-script.scm.

And finally...

	$ export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`pwd`
	$ gnome-terminal-patched --gtk-module=guileterm

I implemented a few common terminal functions in scheme such as:

I don't want to add too many functions, seeing that I don't know if
people actually want this.  If there's interest I could continue.

Of course, there's still simple non-programmable macros to implement
(among a myraid of other things).

I'd appreciate if any gtk, gnome, and guile hackers could search my
source for the word "BUG".  I have various implementation questions
scribbled throughout.  This is pretty much my first gtk, gnome, AND
libguile program-- so I'd appreciate any pointers.

As Miguel pointed out-- this is REALLY cool stuff.  I had no idea gtk
was so flexible.


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