Re: GSL alert [was Re: spec file updating]

Mark Galassi <> writes:

> Hmm: there might be a serious problem here.  For Red Hat 6.0 I am
> about to release a new GSL (0.4.1 -- it will be out tonight or
> tomorrow) so as to get some changes to the complex number API in there
> early.  This might cause incompatibilites with the current
> gnome-media.
> The incompatibilities will be small: the recipe to convert all FFT
> calls is trivial.
> Should we do anything about this?

Oh, just wanted to build a new gnome-media tarball with the gsl from
my RedHat 5.2 CDROM.

How much work is it to make this work with the new gsl?

I think this is an issue for 1.0.1 not for this release - "normal" people
don't have RedHat 6.0 so I'll make a tarball that works with the RedHat 5.2
RPM. We can then fix the problems with the new version later.

Martin Baulig - -

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