GSL alert [was Re: spec file updating]

    Nils> Related to this: Please build gnome-media on a machine,
    Nils> where gsl{,-devel} are installed, so extace will be built
    Nils> (again). Recent gnome-media RPMS didn't include extace, a
    Nils> simple rebuild did it. The only difference I saw was that
    Nils> gsl was now required for the install of the resulting
    Nils> binary. If you don't want to let gnome-media depend on gsl,
    Nils> maybe you could put extace in a subpackage.

Hmm: there might be a serious problem here.  For Red Hat 6.0 I am
about to release a new GSL (0.4.1 -- it will be out tonight or
tomorrow) so as to get some changes to the complex number API in there
early.  This might cause incompatibilites with the current

The incompatibilities will be small: the recipe to convert all FFT
calls is trivial.

Should we do anything about this?

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