Re: Hilfe bei der Gossip-Doku Uebersetzung

On Sun, 2005-11-13 at 13:11 +0100, Christian Neumair wrote:
> Martin: I've CCed you. 

Hey Christian,

> Do you agree that "tabbed" from
> help/C/gossip.xml:579 is obsolete? It's hard to translate, and sounds a
> bit fishy,

Yea, the wording makes sense in English, since the documentation refers
to (visual) tabs in the preferences.  

>  since the tabbedness is not a special feature of this
> particular dialog compared to other preference dialogs.

I see what you mean though, you could quite easily not bother with the
"tabbed" word and it would make just as much sense.  So I guess
logically it is obsolete :)


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