Re: german translation for tab

Andreas Kotowicz wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> I've just changed my locale to german to see how the programs look like
> and saw that galeon is using "Reiter" for the english "tab". But
> "Reiter" - uaahhh!!! that sounds just sick. why not "Register" or
> "Registerkarte"? I've just asked my mum how she understands "Reiter".
> it's horse rider. Well, you might just think about changing that.
> andreas

Hi Andreas.
The correct persons to discuss this with are the German GNOME
translators, I think. These persons can also fix the translation if you
should agree that the translation needs to be changed. You can reach
most German GNOME translators at the mailing list gnome-de gnome org,
I'm replying also to that list, so that you can discuss this

Thanks for the mail.


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