Re: EOG for GNOME 1.4 - use eog-0-6 branch

Karl Eichwalder <keichwa gmx net> writes:

> Martin Baulig <martin home-of-linux org> writes:
> > Sorry, but I need to say no to this, at least for GNOME 1.4.
> Yes, it's late -- OTOH, one can argue it's a UI bug which has to be
> fixed.  Either use "New" in "File" or move "Create New Window" to the
> "Windows" menu.
> > Can we please fix this in the german translation in some way ?
> This isn't that easy.  It's important to have accelerators consistently
> assigned all over the GNOME applications.
> > I don't like to change the menu structure so shortly before the
> > release especially since I don't know how this'd affect other
> > languages.
> I admit that's a valid argument, too.  Nevertheless there's only one
> solution: Don't use the stock menu entry from the Window menu in File :)

Hmm, what happens if I change the menu structure ? Does that mean that all
translators must change their .po file or will the other translations still
work ?

I we don't end up with untranslated "Window" etc. entries in all languages
except german, then I can probably do this UI change for beta2.

Martin Baulig
martin gnome org (private)
baulig suse de (work)

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