Re: [gnome-db] Problem in building provider for oracle database

Il giorno lun 29 mar 2021, 07:16:11, Vikas Singh via gnome-db-list ha scritto:

I am facing some problem in configuring libgda from source.

I have installed oracle instant client in folder
but while configuring with sudo ./configure

Result is

Compiled providers:
      Berkeley DB = no
      Berkeley DB SQL = no
      FireBird (client)= no
      FireBird (embed)= no
      MDB (MS Access) = no
      MySQL = no
      Oracle = no
      PostgreSQL = no
      SQLite = yes (embedded)
      SQLCipher = yes
      JDBC = no
      WEB = no
      LDAP = no

Please Help

you didn't say the libgda version

in case of 5.2 you can find a patch

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