Re: [gnome-db] Problem in building provider for oracle database

While Oracle database hasn't been ported to resent 6.0 release, because no one has provided feedback and effort to do so, that can be fixed. Please file an issue at

El dom, 28 mar 2021 a las 23:16, Vikas Singh via gnome-db-list (<gnome-db-list gnome org>) escribió:
I am facing some problem in configuring libgda from source.

I have installed oracle instant client in folder /opt/oracle/instantclient_12_2.
but while configuring with sudo ./configure --with-oracle=/opt/oracle/instantclient12_2....

Result is

Compiled providers:
      Berkeley DB = no
      Berkeley DB SQL = no
      FireBird (client)= no
      FireBird (embed)= no
      MDB (MS Access) = no
      MySQL = no
      Oracle = no
      PostgreSQL = no
      SQLite = yes (embedded)
      SQLCipher = yes
      JDBC = no
      WEB = no
      LDAP = no

Please Help
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