Re: [gnome-db] How do I install the GdaBrowser executable?

It specifically says "Building Help (GdaBrowser):  yes" but there's no
GdaBrowser executable built anywhere.  (I've looked for all variations
I can think of with upper and lower case).  I've even searched through
all the executables it's built and it's not there.  (Oh, yes, just in
case you were wondering - I have run 'make')

In /usr/local/bin after 'make install' there is:-

root t430# ls /usr/local/bin
audacity  gda-list-config      gda-list-server-op      gda-sql      gda-test-connection-5.0
dir       gda-list-config-5.0  gda-list-server-op-5.0  gda-sql-5.0

(audacity and dir are from elsewhere)

Chris Green

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