Re: [gnome-db] 5.2.3 Release?

Hi Daniel!

Have you planned to release a 5.2.3 release?

​Not yet, even though I should do it!
I still have to merge some of the corrections from the master branch before that though.​

Where can I know roadmap for 6.0 features/releases?

​I keep it @ ​, it may not be completely up to date though. Before I get a beta of vesion 6, I need to finish removing usage of deprecated APIs and finish the work around the complete multi thread support.

Have you considered to expose GdaDataModel from results to update GdaMetaStore? For GdaData vala classes, I'm using GdaMetaStore to get database structure, but it should way until GdaMetaStore updates a SQLite internal database to finish in order to get required information, but because GdaMetaStore gets from the database a GdaDataModel with the structure, then translate to SQLite, GdaData vala classes could use returned GdaDataModel "before" or remove the use of GdaMetaStore, in order to speed up database structure's metadata retrieval.

​I don't quite understand what you have in mind, could you give some examples or use cases?




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