Re: [gnome-db] Gda Introspection.

I found  the glue!!!

In PyGObject when a function have out parameters, like Gda.SqlParser.parse_string and Gda.Connection.parse_sql_string, it returns a tuple with the first element as the function's return value and then, in the same order of the parameters, the out ones.

Then to use the above functions you need:

(statement, str) = parser.parse_string ("SELECT * FROM customers; SELECT * FROM parts_table")

Then statement is set to a Gda.Statement object and str to "SELECT * FROM parts_table"

Or simple access the return values from the tuple by using its index like ret_tuple[index], as recomended in the last mail.

For future problems you can take a look at:

El ene 24, 2012 6:03 p.m., "Daniel Espinosa" <esodan gmail com> escribió:
I can confirm your problem and its present even if you use Gda.Connection.parse_sql_string, the return value is a tuple with the object you need inside it. I'm using Gda from master with python 2.7.2 and with python 3.2.2 with python-gobject 3.0.0.

I've used that functions in Vala and its not present.

I've review GIR file and it's correct.

I think this is a python-gobject problem.

In the middle you can use:

stm = parser.parse_string ("YOUR SQL")
statement = stm[0]

This is because the first element in the list is a Gda.Statement, witch you can use.

Or use Gda.Connection functions to execute directly string commands like: execute_non_select, execute_select, they return Gda.DataModel objects (I tested them and works in python)

2012/1/23 Carlos Savoretti <csavoretti gmail com>
Hi !!!

Being you're working (a lot and well) with libgda introspection, I'd
like to make you some question.

In the latest version of Gda I've found a problem w introspection
binding Python

Here it is
from gi.repository import Gda

connection = Gda.Connection().open_from_dsn("test", None, 0)
print connection.get_cnc_string()
parser = Gda.SqlParser ()
print parser
statement = parser.parse_string("SELECT * FROM customers")
print statement
if statement.check_structure():
    print "yes"
    print "no"
print statement
data_model = connection.statement_execute_select(statement, set1)
print data_model

python ./ 
<SqlParser object at 0xb73f616c (GdaSqlParser at 0x856f2a0)>
(<Statement object at 0xb73f634c (GdaStatement at 0x8568210)>, None)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "./", line 9, in <module>
    if statement.check_structure():
AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'check_structure'

Conclussion: It seems (after some debugging) that the parsed statement DOES NOT
return a GdaStatement Object, but rather a 'tuple' Python object...
Of course connection.statement_execute_select() claims for the same issue...
the object statement is not an 'GdaStatment'... 

Could you give some clue about the problem is Python, the introspecton libs, or
what ? It is in order to correct the bug (if any)

Many thanks for your help ...


Carlos Savoretti

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