Re: [gnome-db] BDB

On 4 January 2012 22:07, Denis Kuzmenok <forward_ua ukr net> wrote:
From the plain C it's simple task working with bdb as a hash, but there are no bindings to BDB in Vala, so i should work with libgda, as the only possibility.. 
I would write vala bindings to BDB functions that i need, but i don't know C and can't find good docs on making bindings to non GObject libraries :(
fill.c is the perfect way i would like to use BDB, but it's not available in Vala (for now), if i understand it right..

As you probably have seen from the examples, you can use the GdaDataModelBdb  object but the values are all binary and it's up top you to cast that binary data to something meaningfull (this is the access-raw.c file). The other way is to subclass the GdaDataModelBdb specifically to the key and value structures (see the access-custom.c file).

AFAIK Vala binds the GdaDataModel object, so you can use GdaDataModelBdb object from vala; I don't know though if it's possible to subclass that object from vala, Daniel, do you know?

Also the fill.c file uses the BDB API directly, not Libgda; it was made to quickly create a BDB file using BDB's API and show that it can be used (read & write) using libgda.


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